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Duration: 13 min

Intention: Gives you an overview about the functionality of the system. It will tell you what you can find where.
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To Set You Up (Initial Steps):


Once you are logged in you are at the home-screen.  At this time you can reset your password and establish your personal profile.  One section that is important to properly fill in on this page is the “About me” section.  This will be used by the system later on to tell people interested in the services you offer about who you are and why you are qualified to provide them.


   Click on "Personal" at the main navigation.

   Click on "Edit" next to the name

    Maintain the needed data. Important is the "About me" section (see "Details") and to add a phone number (see "Phones"), so that member can get in contact to each other (). It is also recommended to add a picture (upload new, see "Images")
Please list phone numbers the following format: Land line: 
021 3218 0111 and Mobile: 186 1885 6901 (of course filling in your own details!)


The first step is to set your delivery parameters, which you will only need to do once.

   Click on "Marketplace" at the main navigation.

   Click on "Delivery Methods" (left, below "Webshop")

   Click on "New"

   At "Name" fill in "standard delivery" 

   At "Charge Type" leave it at fixed

   At "Price" fill in 0

   At delivery time fill in 10 Days

   At details fill in "Standard delivery conditions for my services"

   Click "Save"


The second is to create your offerings and request services.  Offerings are “offer”, the services you can provide.  “Demand” is when you would like someone to supply a service to you. 

A couple of pointers:

1. Describe your service and then briefly mention why you are qualified / capable of offering it; and

2. Adding a picture makes the offering more dynamic and eye catching.

   Click on "Marketplace" at the main navigation.

   Click on "New" at the main screen

   Give the service/request a title

   Assign it to a category (this will help other users to find your offer based on categories)

   Assign the hours you want to get/pay for this service

   Assign a Publication Period to your item (how long you are willing to offer this service)

   Leave hidden unchecked

   Add a description which explain what you want to offer/ask for and what would be the benefit (in case of an offer) or your wanted outcome (in case of a request)

   Assign the trade type (demand= you are asking for a service; Offer= you offer a service)

   Assign a picture to your item (= advertisement for your service)

   Leave "Allow decimal quantity" unchecked

   Leave "Stock type" to "Available"

   leave "Maximum..." and "Minimum..." check boxes unchecked

   Choose the delivery method you created at step 3

   Press save


Happy Trading!